Canada: Graphic new tobacco warning labels unveiled

Feb 22, 2011

One displays a photo of a cancerous, white tongue. Another shows an empty crib next to a stark warning that second-hand tobacco smoke ups the risk of sudden infant death syndrome.

These are among the full set of 16 new proposed warning labels for cigarette packs unveiled Friday by Health Canada, along with draft regulations on how the government’s new anti-smoking campaign will work.

The suggested warning labels will cover 75 per cent of the packages. The proposed campaign will also include a national “quitline” – a number smokers can call to obtain information on giving up the habit.

While four of the proposed labels were released in December, the other twelve – along with several other images that will appear on packages of small cigars, were not made public until today.

The Heart and Stroke Foundation was quick to praise the messages, which include several graphic images, including the face of a corpse in a body bag and an eyeball receiving an injection.


Source: The Globe and Mail (February 18, 2011)