On May 31, 2011, the Government of Nepal passed tobacco packaging regulations, including requirements for health warnings that cover 75% of both the front and back of the package. The warnings were implemented in April 2014, after a legal challenge with the tobacco industry. Three different warnings were issued for cigarettes, bidis, and smokeless tobacco products such as surti or khaini. Warning text must be in Nepali. Descriptive (qualitative) emission and constituent messages are required on both side panels.

In October 2014, the government amended the regulations, increasing the coverage area of the warnings to 90%. The larger warnings were required on packages by May 15, 2015.

Legislation and Regulations

Nepal’s Legislation Library

Health Warnings

2015 to Present**

Nepal 2014 ETS baby - premature birth, targets parents
ETS – Baby


Nepal 2014 Health Effects Lung - diseased organ, lung cancer
Health Effects – Lung
2014 (cigarette)
Nepal 2014 ETS Baby - premature birth (bidi)
ETS – Baby
2014 (bidi)
Nepal 2014 Health Effects Mouth - mouth cancer, jaw, gross (smokeless)
Health Effects – Mouth
2014 (surti or khaini)

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