Denmark: Picture warnings appearing in stores

April 18, 2012

In Denmark, picture warnings are now appearing on store shelves for packages of cigarettes.  There was an implementation date of Feb. 15, 2012 for cigarettes, with an implementation date of Aug. 15, 2012 for various other tobacco products such as roll-your-own tobacco.

Denmark is one of 10 European Union countries to have finalized requirements for picture warnings, along with Belgium, France, Hungary, Ireland, Latvia, Malta, Romania, Spain, and the United Kingdom.

Denmark’s picture-based tobacco packaging and labelling requirements were initially outlined in to Order No. 172 of Feb. 28, 2011.

This Order was amended by Order 437 of May 2, 2011, which replaced the Annex illustrating the 14 picture-based messages to appear with a new Annex.  To see the set of 14 picture-based warnings appearing now in Denmark, it is the new Annex that should be examined, which can be seen here:

There are at least 49 countries/territories that have finalized requirements for picture warnings.

Source: Rob Cunningham (April 11, 2012)