Ecuador: picture warnings for 2012

April 13, 2012

Ecuador has finalized requirements for a series of 6 picture-based warnings to appear on the bottom 60% of the front and back packages of cigarettes effective July 15, 2012.  The government announcement regarding the content of picture warnings was made March 9, 2012.

Also, a single qualitative toxic emission information will be required to appear on 70% of one side panel.  Misleading descriptors including light and mild have been prohibited.

To view additional information on the warning images and legislation, visit:

The Spanish versions of the Law, the Regulation and the Application Manual can be seen in pdf format at the following website (the Application Manual illustrates the six picture warnings to be required, the toxic emission message, and how these are to be depicted for different package sizes).…

To view a separate pdf document illustrating the six picture warnings to be required, visit:…

To view English translations (and Spanish originals) of the Organic Law for the Regulation and Control of Tobacco (singed by the President on July 13, 2011, and published in the official gazette on July 22, 2011), and to view  the Regulation to the Regulation and Control of Tobacco Act No. 1042 (adopted under the Organic Law and signed by the President on Feb. 10, 201), visit:…

There are at least 49 countries/territories that have finalized requirements for picture warnings.

Source: Rob Cunningham