Fiji: Pictorial warnings in 2013

July 23, 2012

All tobacco manufacturing companies will need to have pictorial warnings on their cigarette packets come January 1st, next year.

Health Ministry spokesperson Peni Namotu says this is now a mandatory requirement – under the Tobacco Control Decree – following cabinet’s approval.

Now we have the labels in writing but it will carry more weight if it will have the actual picture of a lung that has been affected by smoking or probably rotten teeth – some of the impacts cigarettes have on smokers.”

The Ministry hopes that with the photographic warnings showing what smoking does to the body – people will turn away from smoking.

Meanwhile – those now found to be selling cigarettes without a license will be taken to task as the registration period has ended

Now it’s enforcement time for us – to see that all people selling cigarette now have the license and basically they have to present it when required.

Around 3 million people around the world die from smoking related deaths each year.

Source: FBC News (July 22, 2012)