Kazakhstan: Picture warning regulations

May 25, 2012

Kazakhstan has finalized requirements for a series of 12 rotated picture-based health warnings to appear on 40% of the package front (in Kazakh) and on 40% of the package back (in Russian).  The picture warnings will start to appear on packs part way through 2013.

The regulations were signed by the Prime Minister on November 22, 2011 (Regulation 1366).  The regulations come into effect 10 days after official publication.  The warning requirements in the regulations come into force 18 months after the regulations come into effect.

The Customs Union of Belarus, Kazakhstan and Russia has been considering adopting a technical regulation on package warnings that would apply to all three countries.  If such a regulation is adopted, depending on the timing, then the new Russian requirements may not come into force and instead would be replaced by the requirements of the Customs Union regulation.

There are at least 55 countries/jurisdictions that have finalized requirements for picture warnings.

To view the 12 picture-based warnings, and a copy of the Regulations, visit:http://tobaccolabels.ca/healthwarningimages/country/kazakhstan

Additional information can be found at:http://www.tobaccocontrollaws.org/legislation/country/kazakhstan

Source: Rob Cunningham