Online Afro Tobacco Pack Warning Resource Launched

December 1, 2014

The Afro Tobacco Pack Warning Resource is now available online, thanks to the work carried out by the World Lung Foundation in cooperation with the Convention Secretariat and some Parties.

The main objective is to provide easy access to a database of warnings developed specifically for use in Africa – utilizing pictures taken in and tested across sub-Saharan Africa – for governments in the region that would like to implement graphic warnings on tobacco packaging. It thereby facilitates their implementation of Articles 11 (packaging and labelling) and 12 (education and public awareness) of the Convention.

The images are arranged in several categories: smoking health harms, second-hand smoke, contents and socioeconomic consequences. The database also includes links to best practices around the world.

The work has been carried in the overall context of South-South cooperation for implementation of the Convention.

Click here to access the database

Source: World Health Organization (November 29, 2014)