Tobacco Labelling & Packaging Toolkit

A Toolkit was created to serve as a resource to support implementation of Article 11. It includes a review of evidence, as well as recommendations for designing health warnings on packages. Overall, the Toolkit is intended to simplify the process of developing effective labelling policies and to provide concrete resources for regulators, researchers, and tobacco control advocates. Financial support for the Toolkit was provided by Tobacco Control at The Union (International Union Against Tuberculosis and Lung Disease).

The toolkit can be downloaded in one file by clicking here, or in separate chapters, below.

(Note the file size for the entire toolkit is large.)

Chapter 1: Evidence Review

Chapter 1 includes a comprehensive review of evidence on health warnings, misleading information on packages (including “light” and “mild” descriptors, and plain packaging) as well as emission and constituent labelling.

Chapter 2: Designing Health Warnings

Chapter 2 includes recommendations for designing effective health warnings, including pictorial warnings. The chapter provides examples of best practices from countries throughout the world.

Chapter 3: Designing Emission and Constituent Warnings

Chapter 3 includes recommendations for designing emission and constituent messages, including guidance on removing misleading tar and nicotine numbers from packages. The chapter provides examples of best practices from countries throughout the world.

Chapter 4: Evaluating Health Warnings & Messages

Chapter 4 provides recommendations for evaluating labelling policies, including focus groups, “test marketing” and other methods that can be used when developing new warnings.

Chapter 5: Implementation

Chapter 5 provides a brief overview of implementation activities that can enhance compliance and increase the effectiveness of labelling policies.

Chapter 6: Legislation

Chapter 6 includes general recommendations for preparing legislation for labelling policies and health warnings in particular.